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Clinical Research Methods
PSYC 6/71685

Course overview:
This course will cover issues in measurement, sampling, design, and analysis pertinent to research in clinical psychology. The primary goals of the course are 1) to improve your critical acumen in consuming research performed by others and 2) to assist you in formulating and bringing to fruition your own research ideas. The course consists of classes addressing basic issues in clinical research (e.g., philosophy of science, forms of clinical inquiry, sampling and measurement, threats to methodological rigor, research design and interpretation, replication, and ethics) as well as applications to your own Thesis research question.

Seminar: Emotion
PSYC 80391br>

Course overview:
This course will cover contemporary theory and research on emotion in relation to behavior, culture and health. Current theories of emotion generally agree that emotions evolved to facilitate adaptation to environmental threats. This is evident in humans as well as most other species. In this course, we will discuss current literature on basic or discrete emotions (e.g., anger, fear, sadness, disgust, shame, joy) within this evolutionary framework. In addition, we will discuss current evidence supporting the conceptualization of emotion responses as occurring on three loosely-coupled dimensions (autonomic/neuroendocrine; cognitive/affective; behavioral) and how we can understand emotion responses and emotion regulatory processes in relation to social behavior and health.

Syllabus-Fall 2020. 

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